Rodann CXRX1000A Wireless Door Sensor and Push Button Chime Alert

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Rodann CXRX1000A Wireless Door Sensor and Push Button Chime Alert

The Rodann CXRX1000A is a wireless door chime system that can also be used as a pushbutton doorbell type alert or a portable help call system.

Whether you are monitoring the entrance of a restaurant, store or warehouse door, or providing security to an elderly family member or staff this wireless alert system will provide the reliability and peace of mind you require.

The wireless transmitter sensor can be used as a door opening sensor that sends a wireless signal to the receiver and chime box when a door is opened.

Alternately the transmitter can be mounted to an entrance or customer service station to trigger the wireless chime when the built in push button is pressed.

As a help call system the transmitter can be worn on a lanyard or in a pocket to call for help by pressing the button, which will activate the wireless receiver.

For noisy environments like a shop or warehouse or for help call systems, the RX1000 receiver included in this system has screw terminals that allow the addition of an external speaker or a 12vdc powered strobe light.

This Rodann wireless entrance alert system is expandable, allowing you to add additional wireless chimes or sensors/transmitters as needed by adding Rodann 1000 series transmitters and receivers. Each transmitter can play one of four tones.

Optionally you can even program the door alert to continuously chime if a door is held open or the button is held down.

Rodann CXRX1000 Wireless Entry and Doorbell Alert Features:

  • Very simple to install
  • Wireless transmitter has built in push button for use as a doorbell button or hand held transmitter
  • Wireless transmitter has magnetic sensor and magnet to be used as a door or window open sensor
  • Wireless receiver plays your choice of ding-dong tones
  • Wireless receiver has connections for an external speaker and 12vdc powered strobe or external 12vdc chime
  • Up to 500 foot range*
  • Additional RX1000 receivers or 1000 series transmitters/sensors may be added
  • Choose a different turn for front and back door sensors/buttons
  • Transmitter/sensor is battery powered. Receiver uses included plug-in power supply.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty against defects in material or workmanship.
  • For indoor use

*Wireless range based on line of sight without any obstructions or interference, both of which will reduce range.

Rodann CXRX1000A Includes

1 x Rodann CX1000A Door Switch/Push Button with Magnet
1 x 3V Battery For CX1000A
1 x RX1000A Chime Receiver
1 x Power Supply for RX1000A Chime



CX1000A Transmitter Specifications

  • Frequency: 430 MHZ
  • Powered by 3 Volt lithium coin cell Battery (included) designed for ultra long battery life
  • Sends a wireless signal up to 500 feet*
  • Fully automatic; simply hang and use
  • Can be used as a push button or a door sensor switch
  • Simple programming
  • Option to chime every 5 seconds if door is left open or button is held down
  • Can adjust the transmitting signal to prevent interference with other systems
  • Can be attached to a lanyard and hung around the neck or kept bedside to call on caregivers.

Rodann RX1000A Chime Receiver Specifications

  • Powered by economical 12V DC, plug in power supply (no batteries to change).
  • A 12VDC terminal screw gives the ability to add accessories such as a strobe or siren
  • With a choice of 4 pleasant sounding chimes, you can have multiple sensors each with a unique chime sound
  • Volume control
  • Programmable 5 second delay between rings

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