Sensaphone 4-20mA ORP Disolved Oxygen Sensor




The Sensaphone ORP sensors are dependable industrial-grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and long service life under the most demanding conditions. ORP sensors measure the cleanliness of the water by measuring the contaminants in the water.


More contaminants in the water result in less dissolved oxygen because the organics are consuming the oxygen and lower the ORP level. At a higher ORP level, the water has more ability to destroy foreign contaminants such as microbes, or carbon-based contaminants. ORP sensors are often used in aquaculture, HVAC applications, and water purification systems.


This integral two-wire 4-20mA ORP transmitter can feed data directly to your Sensaphone device. If set limits are exceeded, the Sensaphone will send alarms to appropriate personnel. The sensor includes a measuring range of 0 to 1000mV or -500 to 500 mV, a replaceable salt bridge for extended service life, flow-thru, hot-tap or submersible mounting, and automatic temperature compensation. 


Product Features:

  • Measuring range of 0 to 1000mV or -500 to 500 mV
  • Replaceable salt bridge for extended service life
  • Flow-thru, hot-tap, or submersible mounting
  • Automatic temperature compensation


Product Specifications:

  • Measuring Range: 0 to 1000 mV or -500 to +500 mV
  • Flow Rate: 10 ft./sec maximum (3 meters/sec) Flow should be as low as possible in water with low conductivity water or high suspended solids
  • Wetted Materials: CPVC, Kynar/ceramic, titanium, Platinum
  • Salt bridge: Replaceable for extended service life
  • Sensitivity: <0.5mV
  • Stability: 2 mV/day
  • Resolution: ± the greater of 0.1% of the range or 2 mA
  • Temperature Compensation: Automatic -5 to 95°C (23 to 203°F) RTD
  • Pressure Limit: 100 psig at 65°C maximum
  • Temperature Limits: -5 to 95°C (23 to 203°F)
  • Output: 4-20mA
  • Mounting: 2" NPT, Fixed threads on both ends, flow thru or submersible mounting
  • Power Supply Limit: 24(+-4) VDC
  • Probe Cable: 24 AWG Two conductor shielded w/ Ground, 15 ft. (4.6m)

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