Sensaphone FGD0107 Temperature Sensor in Glass Bead Vial

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Sensaphone FGD0107 Temperature Sensor in Glass Bead Vial

The FGD-0107 is designed to act as a "thermal buffer" in cooler and cold storage applications. The glass beads will buffer fluctuations in temperature that could cause an alarm condition. Useful where door openings and defrost cycles cause alarm triggers. This is a highly recommended sensor for every cold storage application. Will work with any Sensaphone that accepts a 2.8K sensor.

FGD-0107 Temperature Sensor Specifications

Temperature Ranges with Different Sensaphone Alarms

  • FGD400 or FGD800: -20° to 150°F (-30° to 65°C)
  • FGD1400, FGD1800, WEB600: -109° to 115°F (-85° to 57°C)
  • Express II: -85° to 200°F (-65° to 93°C)

FGD-0107 Temperature Sensor Includes

  • 1 x Temperature Sensor in Glass Bead Vial
  • 12' of Wire
  • Instructions

FGD-0107 Temperature Sensor Support

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