Sensaphone IMS-4815E-NIST Temperature Sensor with glass bead vial, NIST certified




This sensor is designed to connect to the Sensaphone IMS series product line. The glass bead-filled vial will buffer any momentary fluctuations that may cause a preliminary alarm such as defrost cycles, the opening of doors, and fans circulating air. The glass beads will slow the response time of the sensor allowing normal daily operations to occur without having an alarm initiated. The sensor can reliably monitor temperatures as low as -122°F (-86°C).


IMS-4815E-NIST Product Specifications:

Name: Temperature Sensor in Glass Bead Vial
Sensor Temperature Range:-122° to 53°F | -86° to 12°C
Accuracy:± 3°F | ±1.7°C
Connection: RJ45
Housing: HDPE Plastic
Dimensions:Bottle: 2.8 x 1.6” | 72mm x 40mm | Enclosure: 2.1 x 1.3 x .6” | 53 x 33 x 15mm
Sensor Series: IMS Solution
Notes: Available with NIST Certification

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