STI Solar Powered Driveway Alarm with Voice Alerts




STI-V34100 Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm with Voice Alert

The STI-V34100 is a Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm. It detects when a vehicle enters or leaves your driveway using a patented solar powered magnetometer vehicle sensor. When a car or truck is sensed, the wireless receiver will play your selected chime or voice announcement and light up the LED indicator.

This alert system is expandable - up to 4 STI-34xxx sensors may be used, each with its own alert and indicator light. An additional STI-V34104 receiver may be added in another location.

Due to this advanced design, people, animals and shadows will not trigger the driveway sensor.

The driveway vehicle sensor may be placed up to 1000 feet (line of sight) away from the receiver in your home.

The driveway sensor has a built in solar power that runs the system during the day and charges the included rechargeable batteries. When the sun goes down, the batteries kick in to keep the system running.

Note: 1000 feet is the maximum distance without interference or obstructions. Interference and objects in the path such as walls, will reduce effective wireless range.


x1 Solar Powered Driveway Sensor
x1 Rechargeable Batteries
x1 Wireless Driveway Chime Receiver with Voice/Audible Alerts
x1 A/C adapter for receiver

  • Alerts you when a vehicle is coming up your driveway.
  • Indoor AC-powered receiver chimes or speaks, and flashes when a vehicle approaches.
  • Sensor is solar powered.
  • Sensor operates on rechargeable Batteries (included)
  • Receiver plugs into a standard electrical outlet (indoor use only).
  • Operates with up to 1000 feet (line of sight) between sensor and receiver.
  • Easy installation - mount the sensor next to your driveway and plug the receiver into any electrical wall outlet inside your home.
  • No difficult underground wiring.
  • Additional sensor(s) will produce a different chime from the receiver when triggered.
  • When a vehicle activates receiver, there is a 10 to 15 second delay for the unit to reset before the next vehicle will be detected.
  • Will not be triggered by animals, people or shadows.
  • Can be set to low, medium or high sensitivity level (factory default is high).
  • Maximum optimal range for vehicle detection is 10-12 feet.
  • Multiple sensors and receivers can be used together as a system (up to 4 sensors). Perfect for multiple driveways or large homes.

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