STI Wireless Door Chime Entry Alert




This wireless door chime and entry alert is perfect for stores, retail operations, homes, small businesses and offices. Know when a customer or guest opens the door to avoid surprises and lost business.

The battery powered wireless door sensor is mounted on the door and frame and the chime receiver plugs in to a wall outlet. Set up only takes a couple of minutes.

The chime has 10 different tunes and tones that can be played.

Another application for a door alert is to let staff know if a patient opens a door. This can help with wandering. The wireless entry alert system can also be used on windows or cabinets.

For security use, a buzzer or barking dog sound can be set to play.

  • battery powered door/window sensor
  • plug-in chime box

Simple monitor for doors, windows, cabinets
Battery powered door/window sensor uses magnetic sensor and magnet
Plug-in chime 110V chime box
10 tones/tunes to choose from: Ding, Dong, Ding-Dong, Westminster 4 note, Westminster 8 note, knock-knock, Bicycle bell, buzzer, barking dog, jingle bells

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