WaterCop Classic with Dual Shut Off Actuators Dual Hardwired Probes

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WCDACTDUALHW2 WaterCop Classic with Dual Shut Off Actuators with Hardwired Dual Probe

The WaterCop Classic gives you a robust and reliable industrial grade automated valve with a leak sensors. Never worry again about leaks with 24/7 monitoring. Upon detecting a leak, the WaterCop will quickly close the main supply valve, cutting off the flow of water. It can be used to trigger other devices such as lights, sirens, auto dialers or security and automation systems.

Don't wait for a disaster before you protect yourself. Get a WaterCop system installed now. WaterCop valves are heavy duty commercial quality, lead-free and constructed of brass. When open they are full port valves, meaning there is no reduction in water flow - so it's like the valve didn't exist. But when disaster strikes, the valve can automatically turn off to prevent further damage.

* Note: Professional installation is strongly recommended to ensure protection. Water must touch one of the active sensors to trigger shut-off so ensure the water sensors are placed where water will flow if a leak starts!

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