Winland W-S-U Water Bug Water Leak Sensor



WaterBug W-S-U standard leak sensors may be placed on the floor to detect the first appearance of leaking water, or attached to your sump pump to detect water rising. This sensor is compatible with WaterBug WB200, WB350, WB800. These sensors will not alarm for high condensation.

*Sensors may be extended up to 500 ft from the WB-800 and 100 ft from the WB200 & WB350 using 22 AWG twisted pair wiring.

W-S-U Specifications

  • Surfac Sensor
  • unsupervised
  • Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.0 x .88
  • Cable Length: 15'

W-S-U Included

1 x WSU Surface Leak Sensor, unsupervised

W-S-U Sales Sheet

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