Seco-Larm Strobe Light

Seco LarmSKU: SL-126Q-B

Strobe Colour: Blue


Bright flashing xenon strobe light for use with driveway alarms, security systems or other warning systems.  The strobe light works on low voltage from 6VDC to 12VDC with low current requirements.

These strobe lights are ideal for hearing impaired or noisy areas. Specify Red, Blue, Clear or Amber.

When used with a driveway alarm that has a voltage output, simply connect a pair of wires to the + and - terminals from the driveway alarm receiver.  The same applies to any system that can output 6V-12VDC.

When used with a system that uses a relay output, you'll need a separate power supply of at least 500mA or higher and the positive wire can be switched through the relay.

Seco-Larm SL-126Q Features:

  • Compact long life Xenon strobe
  • Available in red, green, blue, amber, clear
  • 100,000 Candlepower illumination
  • Flash rate, over 90 per minute @ 12VDC
  • Operating voltage 6VDC~12VDC
  • Current requirement: 120mA @ 6VDC / 200mA @ 12VDC
  • Long life: over 2,000,000 flashes (300 hours continuous)
  • Operating temperature: -22º~140º F (-30º~60º C)

Available Models:

SL-126Q/ R Red
SL-126Q/B Blue
SL-126Q/C Clear
SL-126Q/A Amber
SL-126Q/G Green

SL126Q Datasheet
SL126Q Installation Manual

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