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Sensaphone Web Remote Monitoring with Cloud Internet

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Sensaphone Battery Backup W610 - WEB-600 Battery Backup

WEB-600 Battery Backup

Price: CAD $91.00
Sensaphone WEB 600 Sensaphone WEB 600

Sensaphone WEB-600

Price: CAD $519.00
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200 Sensaphone SCD-1200 Sentinel

Sensaphone Sentinel

Price: CAD $799.00
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200-CD in NEMA4X Enclosure Sensaphone SCD-1200 Sentinel in NEMA4X Enclosure

Sensaphone Sentinel SCD1200CD

Price: CAD $999.00
Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO Sentinel Pro Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO Sentinel Pro

The Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO Sentinel Pro monitors, delivers arms and datalogs inputs/outputs points from third-party Modbus sensors, transducers and programmable logic controllers.

Price: CAD $1,629.00
Sensaphone Sentinel Pro with Clear Case Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO-CD Sentinel Pro

The Sensaphone Sentinel Pro SE-SCD-PRO-CD is a web based alarm solution from Sensaphone. Available online at Absolute Automation.

Price: CAD $1,899.00
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200-4GRWCD Sensaphone Sentinel 1200 with Rogers 4G Cellular

Sensaphone Sentinel SCD1200-4GRWCD

Price: CAD $2,149.00
Sensaphone Web Based Monitoring and Alerts

Sensaphone web based monitoring and alert systems monitor for power failures, dry contact closures or any number of environmental sensors and report data and alarms to the Sensaphone Cloud service. The cloud service in turn will log sensor data and send alerts.

Data logging from sensors for critical environments such as medical storage and food storage.

In case of an alarm due to power failure, security alert, or a sensor out of range, the monitoring system will send email, text or a voice call to one or more key staff members, owners or property managers.

Sensaphone web based monitoring and alert systems are used for data centers, medical storage, food storage and commercial monitoring systems.

Available sensors include, but are not limited to temperature, humidity, water leaks, vibration, pressure, air quality, soil moisture, PH levels and security.

We are an authorized Sensaphone distributor with wholesale dealer programs and volume pricing available.