Sensaphone FGD800 8 Input Alarm Dialer

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The Sensaphone FGD800 telephone alarm dialer will monitor your house, cottage, cabin, greenhouse, computer rooms, equipment centers, offices, refridgerator or freezers.

The FGD800 will detect power failures and has 8 zone inputs that accept dry contact closure inputs or 2.8K sensors.  A thermistor is pre-installed on zone one to detect ambient room temperatures.  This may be removed if needed.

Add additional sensors to detect, temperature extremes, humidity, intrusions, water leaks. 


Detect sounds such as smoke and burglar alarms, and other conditions of your choice.


The FGD-800 has the added benefit of giving the user the ability customize the voice messages for each of the input alarms and the identification message. The alarm messages are recorded by the user through the built-in microphone.


The Sensaphone 800 now includes a relay output that can be programmed to operate automatically upon alarm, or manually from a remote touch tone phone. It can be used to trip a local alarm, or used like the Sensaphone Cottage Sitter to control a dual thermostat.


Additional status LED's are provided on the front of the FGD-800 to show battery condition, alarm status, and phone status.


Phone Line Monitoring: There is a new phone circuit in the FGD-800 that monitors the integrity of the phone line. If the phone line is cut or disconnected, an LED will flash and optionally the output relay can be tripped at the same time for a local indication of a problem.  Line seizure is now a standard feature on the Sensaphone 800. Previously this was an extra feature that was an additional cost.


The Sensaphone 800 has a 24 hour battery backup capability just like the original Sensaphone 1108, but with slightly smaller C cells instead of D cells. Also, the batteries are changed from the front of the unit, so if it is wall mounted, you do not have to remove it from the wall to change the batteries.


Each dial out phone number can be tested from the keypad. When the test is being conducted, the speaker will play the sounds that are occurring on the real phone line. This makes is very easy to determine if the user needs to first dial a '9' or an '8' before the destination phone number, or other special dialing sequences.

Sensaphone FGD800 Alarm Dialer Features:

  • 8 inputs supporting dry contact closure or 2.8K sensors
  • 2.8K thermistor comes installed on zone 1 for temperature monitoring
  • Built-in microphone for monitoring room sound and recording announcements
  • Zone Types: N. O./N. C. contact, 2.8K thermistor (-20° F to 150° F or -30° C to 65° C )
  • Zone Characteristics: 5.11K to 2.85V (Short circuit current: 1mA max.)
  • A/D Converter Resolution: 10 bits ±2 LSB
  • Zone Protection: 5.5VDC Metal Oxide Varistor with fast acting diode clamps.
  • Phone Interface: RJ11 Jack
  • Relay Output Rating: 1A 30VAC/1A 30VDC maximum
  • Battery Backup: Six size-C alkaline batteries (not included), providing up to 24 hours of back-up time.
  • Operating Temperature: 32-122° F (0-50° C)
  • Operating Humidity: 90% RH non-condensing


System On: On steady when the unit is in RUN mode. LED blinks once every few seconds while in STANDBY mode.

Phone In Use: On steady when the telephone line is being used. LED blinks when no dial tone is detected. Off when telephone line is not in use.

Alarm: Off when no alarm exists. Blinks when an unacknowledged alarm exists. On steady when an acknowledged alarm exists

Battery Ok: On steady when the battery is in good condition. Blinks when the battery is low. Off when the battery must be replaced. 

Sensaphone FGD800 Alarm Dialer Includes:

  • 1 - Power Adapter for Sensaphone Alarm Dialer
  • 1 - 2.8K Thermistor pre-installed on Zone 1 for temperature monitoring
  • Manual
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 1 - 6 foot phone cord
  • 1 - Phone Jack Extension for Line Seizure Feature

Sensaphone 800 Manual sensaphone manual

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